NYS Math Module 3

Module 3 combined a lot of old skills to further knowledge.  Students have worked on Area and Perimeter, double-digit by double-digit multiplication, and long division.  Each 4th grade teacher has tips and tricks for the students to remember the steps and formulas needed for these types of questions and math problems.

Area is the amount of space something takes up.  For example, the amount of carpet needed to cover the floor.  The formula for area is A=L x W (length times width).

Perimeter is the edge of a space or object.  For example, the fence needed to go around your backyard.  The formula for perimeter is P=S + S + S (side plus side).  You add up all the sides, no matter how many sides there are.

When multiplying double-digit by double-digit numbers (23 X 12), you need to remember to put a “magic zero” in before you start multiplying the number in the tens place.

Long division is similar to other division problems, however there are just more steps.  You need to remember to bring down all numbers.

Please see the examples below for reference.